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'Walk Q8 in 28'

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

‘Walk Kuwait in 28’ turned out to be a brilliant effort 68 people took on as a way to challenge themselves to get up and get outdoors, take responsibility for their mental as well as physical health, to create awareness, as well as fundraise for the Research on Gliomatosis Cerebri.

The suggested format was simple. You needed to register with a sign up amount and then look for sponsors who could encourage your effort, thereby fundraising. The community supported the effort and soon the walkers were not only counting their steps, they were also sharing messages of encouragement they were receiving from different parts of the world! It was decided that we would individually but collectively and virtually walk the periphery of Kuwait which is 1003 kms approx.

The event was covered in the Arab Times:

Arab Times Issue 17663-14-APR-2021
Download PDF • 2.55MB

By the time we finished, we have walked the periphery more than 8 times over, having walked a total of 8134 kms collectively.


Kuwait has a wonderful culture of giving and is a community of generous kindhearted folk.

Our heart touching moment came when a 10 year older young man posted his appeal via a video he made, asking for sponsorships as he was walking for the Foundation. His appeal was from the heart & he made a huge impact and raised £912 so far!

He is the Foundation’s youngest supporter & has stolen our hearts with his sincere & off script appeal!


We also had a non human participant for the 1st time! Hancho, a two and a half year old dark bridle coloured French bulldog was registered as a Walker by his owner and he clocked up his own steps that added to our total!

The Foundation is proud that not only are we a multicultural, non-religious, unbiased, non affiliated and inclusive organisation, but also that we are hoping through our activities & events will help change the prognosis for people who have to face a death sentence when they are told they have Gliomatosis Cerebri.

With all your help, together we will make that difference.

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