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Remembering Rudy - The Walk 2022

On June 12th 2022, we successfully completed A Walk Around the World for Rudy 2022! This marks the 9th annual walk in memory of Rudy.

Our journey started on May 15th and since then almost 300 people walked, danced, ran, and did all forms of physical activity to rack up steps in memory of Rudy, wherever they were in the world, with the objective of increasing awareness and fundraising for research into rare and inoperable forms of brain cancer such as Gliomatosis Cerebri.

This year we repeated the month long virtual format of walking around the world, culminating in a physical walk in London on the final day. Our route around the world was longer and we had fewer days to complete it, yet with all of our walkers working together, we managed to walk more than 63 million steps as a team, which translates to almost 44,000km, smashing our target of walking around the world by 2,000km! We started our virtual journey in London, UK, and over 29 days, we circumnavigated the world, finishing back in London on the North bank of the River Thames (St Katharine Docks).

Every single one of our walkers should be incredibly proud of this huge achievement, especially given how we went from lagging the target pace to eventually surpassing the target! We know Rudy would have been extremely proud of the grit and determination shown by all of our walkers and the (mostly) friendly competition that developed over the course of the month.

A Walk Around the World for Rudy 2022 was once again supported by a community of friends, family and colleagues and together we continue to raise awareness and funding for critical research into rare and inoperable forms of brain cancer such as Gliomatosis Cerebri.

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