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Remembering Rudy - The Walk 2018

On Sunday the 3rd of June 2018, about a 100 family, friends and supporters walked at the 5th annual ‘Remembering Rudy Walk’. The Walk is held every year on the Sunday closest to Rudy’s birthday, when he is remembered with love for the person he was and for the love he spread in his very short young life.

The Walk is about three and a half miles long, starting on the south bank of the River Thames, right under Westminster Bridge and ending after the iconic Tower Bridge.

We walked along the River in our signature red ‘Remembering Rudy’ jerseys on what was a beautiful and sunny day. The approximately hour long Walk culminated at St Katherines Dock, where after a poignant floral tribute to Rudy, we all headed to the Natural Kitchen for the more formal part of the day.

Professor Chris Jones and his team from the Institute of Cancer Research were an integral part of the group. The Rudy A Menon Foundation gave Chris Jones a cheque for £25,000 towards his research on Gliomatosis Cerebri. He updated everyone present on the progress he is making slowly but surely, though it is a long road ahead.

To coincide with the Walk, we held a Raffle with wonderful prizes and this was an amazing success.

The new merchandise for 2018-19 was unveiled and we hope it will do as well as the merchandise of earlier years.

Lunch at Natural Kitchen was very well appreciated.

We are thankful to all our supporters and donors without whom this task would have been impossible.

Arjun presenting a cheque on behalf of the Foundation of £25,000 to Prof. Chris Jones, The Institute of Cancer Research
Arjun Menon, Rudy's younger brother at the start of 'The Walk'
Subita Mahtani, one the organisers, provides guidelines to attendees.
'The Walk' commences
Walking past the 'Tate Modern' Art Gallery
Pause for a group picture next to a replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship, the Golden Hinde.
A short pause as Tower Bridge is raised to allow a cargo ship through.
Som Menon pays tribute to Rudy and thanks everyone for their continued support.
Remembering Rudy
After the walk, lunch at Natural Kitchen, St Katharine Docks
Remembering Rudy in Nottingham
‘The Remembering Rudy Walk ‘ in Dubai
‘The Remembering Rudy Walk ‘ in Dubai

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