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Menon Family Green Initiative

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

The inspiration for this tree planting came about as we listened to a podcast on the focus of finding cures and treatments, and how it is also our duty to find ways of creating healthy building blocks for generations to come. It was with this in mind that we decided that on behalf of the Foundation we would take this important step of planting trees for a sustainable and healthy environment. Planting 65 Pomegranate trees would help Mother Earth by preventing shifting soils and helping reduce the impact climate change is having on many biodiverse environments. This being a fruit bearing tree, we wanted to provide at least one of the five-a-day recommended intake of fruit and veg and these trees would also help in providing sustenance to a local in the vicinity.

The thoughts behind planting these trees was very simple- Let’s defeat the very causes of cancers by focusing on natural, healthy, sustainable, pesticide & chemical free environments. We cannot change the environment we have created all at once, but we wanted to take a step forward in the right direction, taking inspiration from the words of Maya Angelou..”Every journey begins with a single step”.

About the Project

Project Green Thar was initiated in the year 2014-2015 with a mission to introduce agroforestry in the districts of Alwar and Barmer that suffer from extreme water scarcity. Agroforestry has been hailed as one of the top solutions to climate change in Rajasthan. By growing trees alongside crops, the farmers of Rajasthan are boosting incomes while saving the environment. Rajasthan comprises mostly of the wide and inhospitable Thar Desert, facing low yields, scanty irrigation facilities, low fertility and high alkalinity of the soil. In pursuit of creating a lush green forest in the middle of Thar, SankalpTaru is developing orchards of pomegranate and other fruit-bearing trees by providing horticulture farming in the rural villages. This is enabling poor farmers to sustain their living efficiently, along with greenifying the desolate desert land.

About Sankaip Taru

SankalpTaru Foundation is an IT-enabled NGO, spreading greenery with its core philosophy of “planting trees for the people, by the people”

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