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‘Art with Heart’- The British Embassy in Kuwait supports the Rudy A Menon Foundation

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Kuwait, Michael Davenport and his wife Lavinia hosted a Floral Art Exhibition at the Embassy, to mark the beginning of a year long celebration to commemorate the 120th year of the signing of the British- Kuwait Friendship Treaty.

As part of the celebrations , a UK-Kuwait floral art exhibition was held at the Embassy. It was opened by Sheikha Altaf of Sadu House and the distinguished UK gardner Rosemary Alexander.

This exhibition, a combination of UK and Kuwaiti artists working together and basing their work on flowers found in the garden of the British Embassy in Kuwait was a huge success. Proceeds from the sale of the exhibits will go to the Rudy A Menon Foundation.

Click here for the write up published in the Arab Times, Kuwait.”

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