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A Walk Around the World for Rudy 2024


It’s time for the 11th annual “Remembering Rudy” Walk!


This year, the walk will take place from May 1st through June 2nd and the virtual format will mean you can take part no matter where in the world you are, once more. We ask that you walk (or run, or skip, or dance, or just get moving) wherever you are, whenever you can, individually, but as one, with the goal of collectively completing “A Walk Around the World for Rudy”. See below for details on how to get involved:

A Walk Around the World for Rudy

What are we doing: We are once again walking individually but as a team, counting our steps and total distance walked, with the goal of collectively walking around the world in memory of Rudy. That equates to approximately 60-65 million steps in total or 7,000-10,000 steps per person, per day.


When is it happening: The walk will start on May 1st and end on June 2nd (inclusive), giving us 33 days to walk around the world together

How will it work:  We are asking for a £25 fee to register as a walker paid via Eventbrite. Once the Walk begins all walkers are encouraged to seek to raise funds through sponsorship from friends, family, colleagues, etc. and will receive instructions and a link to collect sponsorship. We will be using the Big Team Challenge (BTC) platform to monitor our progress around the world over the course of the month. Click on the link below to sign up to be a walker (via Eventbrite) and you will automatically be registered on BTC (please note that your BTC registration email will be sent to you within 24 hours of your registration!). The registration email will include instructions for how to log in to Big Team Challenge either online or through the dedicated app, to report your steps/distance walked. You will also have the option to link the app directly to your Fitbit/Apple Watch/various other wearable step counting devices. Your registration email will also include a handy guide to converting cycling, swimming, and other activities into steps, so there is no excuse not to get involved! There will be several opportunities to share photos and status updates via social media!


I can’t walk but still want to get involved: Not to worry! We recognise that not everyone will be able to pound the pavement and rack up the steps so there is also the option to Sponsor a Walker once the Walk begins. We will send out the link for sponsorship once the Walk commences. Every little bit makes a difference!



Last year we smashed our target of walking around the world. This year, the route is slightly longer so we need everyone to give it everything they've got. Spread the word and get your friends, family, and colleagues to sign up, and then get your competitive juices flowing and try to out-walk them! 

Thank you all for your support and we can’t wait to get to steppin’!

If you have any questions or issues registering as a Walker or sponsoring a Walker, please email us at




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